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AAC Housing Help: Numbers and links to help you meet rent

During the public video conference May 12, “Building Back Better: Housing”, panelists discussed a potential looming summer housing crisis in Anne Arundel County. But they also laid out some of the growing network of programs and departments that are standing by to help residents. Here’s the contact information:

Anne Arundel County Rental Assistance: This program is available to both citizens and, as of now, undocumented residents facing a housing or utility payment crisis. According to Arundel Community Development Services’ Kathleen Koch the county may be able to help pay rent and utilities for those households making below 80 percent of the median Anne Arundel County income. Going forward that may be reduced to 60 percent of county median income, she said.

Applicants should be sure to work with their landlords and also document their need when applying with items such as wage stubs and W2 forms. For those without standard documentation the county will work with applicants on an individual basis, Koch said. At this point response times to your phone call are a little over a week. Phone Number: 410-222-7600 extension 2

Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services eviction prevention program:

If you think you may be likely to be evicted you can contact the department for help.

Telephone Number: 410-421-8410. If you are already homeless and need housing, contact the department at 410-417-7630. If you need shelter, or are in crisis, and it is after normal business hours you can call the Telephone number: 410-768-5522


To find out about the federal regulations and emergency rental protections regarding multi-family properties go to:

To find out if your rental property has a federally-backed mortgage that entitles renters to federal protections go to and/or