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AAC: Protesting?--Get tested!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


The Anne Arundel County Department of Health recommends COVID-19 testing for anyone who has gone to a recent mass protest. The department provides daily drive-through testing to county residents at no cost. Tests are given on a first come, first served basis. Supplies are limited, so appointments are preferred. To make an appointment, call the COVID-19 Health Line at 410-222-7256. You do not need to be insured for testing. If you are insured, bring your insurance card.  

“Everyone at a crowded gathering is at risk of COVID-19,” said County Health Officer Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman.

  The Department of Health encourages testing for those who are both symptomatic and asymptomatic. Anyone who starts showing symptoms should be tested within 48 hours. People who have been in large gatherings may not have symptoms, but could still have the virus and be spreading it. They should also get tested as soon as possible.  

Dr. Kalyanaraman said, “COVID-19 has a major impact on minorities, the elderly, those with chronic health conditions and our community’s most vulnerable. Getting tested helps protect others and is the right thing to do.”

Protesters’ Safety Tips to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 1. Wear a face mask. Also wear eye protection to help prevent injuries. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. 2. Do not yell and shout. Yelling spreads droplets. Choose signs, drums or noise makers instead. 3. Stick with a small buddy group (10 people or fewer) to keep your unknown contacts low. Space the group about 6 feet away from others, if possible. 4. Carry hand sanitizer and bandages.   5. Stay hydrated with water. Avoid alcoholic drinks. 6. If you are sick, stay home. Protest virtually, or send signs and banners via friends. MORE Testing Information: