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Anne Arundel artists asked to activate their imaginations and offer pieces for BWI winter exhibit

The Arts Council for Anne Arundel County is asking all county artists over 18 to fire-up their imaginations and offer up to three pieces of art by October 28 for consideration of acceptance into the upcoming "Winter Memories" exhibit at BWI airport.

Works selected will be on display at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport between concourses C & D (pre-security) in departures from November 19, 2021—March 14, 2022. To participate, artists should review the exhibit prospectus here, and then submit their artwork here.

Arundel Journal had the opportunity to correspond with Anne Arundel County Arts Council Executive Director April Nyman about the Winter Memories Exhibit. Her responses to questions on the new upcoming exhibit are detailed below.

1) What is the Winter Memories exhibit? What are its goal/s? How did it come about?


"The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County's exhibits committee meets every few months to plan out themes for upcoming exhibits. We try to spread out the topics of themes so they don't become repetitive.

"This next BWI exhibit fell perfectly into the winter months, so the committee felt a seasonal exhibit was due. The goal of this exhibit is for artists to think about what Winter means to them and to bring out the magic this season has to offer through their artwork. The description to help guide artists is: Snowy landscapes, steaming hot chocolate, cozy scarves and mittens, children building snowmen… what other images of winter come to your mind? While it may not be your favorite season, winter brings its own type of magic. This new exhibit is about recreating special winter memories, and reminding visitors of the beauty of the season." 2)Why should someone participate? What do you hope the artist and the art lover to get from this exhibit?

"Artist participate in our exhibits for the exposure to many travelers, to share their talent, provoke thought and emotion, and to potentially sell their artwork."

3)Can artists offer their work for sale during the exhibit? Why or why not?

"Yes, all works are for sale directly through the artist. The artist makes any sale directly with the buyer. The Arts Council does not take any commission. We encourage and hope that our exhibits are a benefit to artists in Anne Arundel County."

4)What kind of artists and works have been exhibited in the past? Can applicants be both novices and beginners?

"Any artist both professional and novice artists are welcome and encouraged to enter artwork for our exhibits. You must simply be over 18 years of age, and live in Anne Arundel County.."

5)How will you choose what works are exhibited?

"The Arts Council has a board standing committee. Any County resident over the age of 18 can submit up to 3 pieces of artwork each show. All submissions are sent to our committee to be assessed by blind jury. The highest scoring pieces are accepted to the show."

6)What do you like about this exhibit? Is it a fun one to sponsor? Why?

"Like all our exhibits, it is amazing to see the artist interpretation of our exhibit themes. The talented individuals in our county sharing their talent prompts thoughts and joy."

7)Will you be sponsoring other similar exhibits?When? Where?

"We have exhibit space at BWI, What's Up magazine, and the Arundel center. We had space Anne Arundel Medical, however cannot access currently due to Covid.-19. All residents of Anne Arundel County over the age of 18 are welcome to submit."

8)What has the feedback been from artists and the public regarding this exhibit in the past? What do they like about it?

"The theme 'Winter Memories' is a new one for us, but after McKenna Kennedy, our Program Manager, mentioned the next theme to a couple of artists they seemed excited and you could tell they were already started to ponder what artwork they might have or create to fit the theme. It's always fun to see what artists come up with for each theme. Anne Arundel County has a lot of local talent ranging from all different styles and mediums! " 9)How many pieces will be selected for exhibit? Is there a prize?

"We always try to select as many pieces as we can, but our exhibit space at BWI has enough room for about 32-36 pieces. The selection process also depends how many submissions we receive and the juror scores. There is no monetary award for the exhibit."

10)Does this exhibit have the ability to grow? Is it growing? Will works be exhibited elsewhere?

"This exhibit has 30 pieces. The number included in each exhibit depends upon the size of the actual artwork. All our shows have more submissions than we can fit in our spaces. We continue to see new artist applications."

11)How has the pandemic impacted exhibits like this? What are the advantages and challenges to presenting an exhibit to the public during a pandemic?

"The pandemic put a temporary hold on installing new shows. The traffic in our exhibit locations was certainly down, therefore we created an on line gallery for each show."