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Anne Arundel County Public Library stays open--for now talks about tests

Amidst an unequaled outbreak of coronavirus in Anne Arundel County this week due to a surge of omicron variant cases, the Anne Arundel County public library system has been able to keep physical locations open, and hopes to continue to do so.

The Anne Arundel Public Library has experienced some staffing shortages recently and some employees have been sickened by COVID-19. The library’s communication director said the library system has been able to maintain work routines, although they are monitoring the situation closely.

“Right now, no changes,” said communications director Christine Feldmann late Wednesday afternoon. ”Everybody in our executive leadership team are all healthy.”

To work at the library the staff has to be fully vaccinated or pass a weekly COVID-19 test.

The library has also been handing out free COVID-19 rapid tests, but she believed they currently had no supply. They do expect to get more, but weren’t sure when they would arrive. When they do arrive the supply of tests isn’t expected to last long.

“When we started giving them out there wasn’t the demand there is now,” Feldmann said. “It’s definitely in very short supply."

The library recently gave out a supply of 5,000 rapid tests.

“They gave them out in less than an hour,” she said. “People are very eager and need testing.”

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