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Anne Arundel Public Schools: BB gun was source of Old Mill gun sighting, lockdown

Anne Arundel County Public Schools sent out a letter to families of students who were on lockdown yesterday, explaining that the gun reportedly seen by a student was a BB gun. The incident caused students at Old Mill High School, Old Mill Middle School North and Old Mill Middle School South to be confined to classrooms as well as bussing to be delayed.

The letter stated that once school administrators from Old Mill HIgh School learned of the report, they and the school resource officer sought to identify and locate the student in question. At the same time the school, and adjacent middle schools, were placed on lockdown.

The student of interest was located shortly after 3 p.m. and taken to the school office, and then the BB Gun was located, without BBs. The incident is continuing to be investigated by police, according to the letter, and the high school is looking to enforce its code of conduct regarding the suspected student.

"We want to thank all of our students and staff for the amazing way they handled this extraordinary event," the letter reads. " Everyone did as they were asked, and that helped bring this incident to a conclusion more quickly"

"We take any report seriously and try to investigate thoroughly, " AACPS spokeswoman Maneka Monk told Arundel Journal yesterday.

The letter also urged families to have a discussion with their students the importance of always reporting unsafe observations to a responsible adult. Safety concerns can also be reported anonymously to the Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line at 833-MD-B-SAFE. That line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.