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Brew Review: Library's centennial turns into delicious celebration

The Anne Arundel County Public Library is celebrating 100 years this year, and to mark the momentous occasion they are encouraging supporters to sit down with a cold one. Proceeds from this weekend's sales of four distinct craft brews from four unique local breweries will be going to support the library's start of its next hundred years.

The "Cheers to 100 Years!" event is taking place from this past Wednesday, September.15 to tomorrow night--Saturday, September 18.

On Wednesday the fundraiser started out from 4 to 9 p.m. at Forward Brewing in Annapolis. Their "Blond Ale with Apple and Spices" was presented exclusively for the library event, but 20 percent of all sales between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. went to raising money for the library's foundation.

Seizing on the opportunity for a cold refreshment after work, a 10 ounce cup of the ale revealed it to have a clean, sweet flavor with a bit of a spicy kick. There was also a hint of tangyness to the brew, that was just the thing to cool someone down after what had been yet another very hot late-summer day.

On Thursday Crooked Crab Brewery in Odenton presented their exclusive "Fruited Blonde Ale" to raise funds for the foundation. One dollar per pint is to be donated to the library as long as the brew remains on tap.

Today, at Pherm Brewing in Crofton, 10 percent of their "Happy Blonde Ale" will go to the foundation and all can sales between noon and six pm will go to the library.

And tomorrow , Saturday, September 18, at Hysteria Taphouse in Pasadena, $1 per pint of their exclusive "Gin-Infused Blonde Ale" sold between noon and 6 p.m. will go to the library's foundation.

Clearly the library has a thing for blondes. While the funds from the unique blonde ales will help the library somewhat financially, a library official explained that the event is more to promote outreach for the community institution than to raise money.

Christine Feldmann, Anne Arundel County Public Library's Communications Director explained that they wanted people to be aware as the centennial gets celebrated, that things have changed at AACPL. They may be looking back 100 years, but the library is always looking forward too.

It is not the library of the 20th century, but the 21st.


"Were not your grandmothers library," she said. "We want people to be loud and have fun--the library is about making, and doing, and interacting. Were not just a book depository."

But in looking back this year, librarians have discovered that not all the good stories in the library are in the books it provides. Some of them are with its patrons. You can see some of "Your Library Story's" in videos interviews here.

You can also contribute your own bit of library lore by going to their centennial page here.

This week's program has been a good opportunity to celebrate 100 years of the Anne Arundel County Public Library, and look to the future. Reflecting on why the library matters, with a beer and good company, might be a golden opportunity to say goodbye to the summer.

If you don't get a chance to enjoy a pint during this weekend's Cheers to 100 years event, you're in luck. The library will be holding it annual fundraiser virtually October 22, but supporters can pick up a bottle of wine or champagne to-go directly from the physical library during the event.

Feldmann thanked the breweries for making "Cheers to 100 Years." possible.

"We're grateful to the breweries to be able to have these events and donate a portion of the profits," she said.

Forward Brewing, Annapolis Seeds Sown Blonde Ale with Apple and Spices Wednesday, September 15 Open 4-9pm

20% of ALL sales between 4 and 7 pm will be donated to the library.

Crooked Crab Brewing, Odenton One for the Books Fruited Blonde Ale Thursday, September 16 Open 2-10pm

$1 per pint of the collaboration beer will be donated to the library for as long as the beer is on tap.

Pherm Brewing, Crofton Read the Book Hoppy Blonde Ale Friday, September 17 Open 12-10pm

10% of the collaboration beer draft and can sales between noon and 6 pm will be donated to the library.

Hysteria Taphouse, Pasadena I Don't Remember the Title, but the Cover was Blonde Gin Infused Blonde Ale Saturday, September 18 Open 12-11pm

$1 per pint of the collaboration beer sold between noon and 6 pm will be donated to the library.