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Commentary: Thoughts on a Halloween hangover

With Monday upon us, perhaps there is something of a Halloween hangover taking over, literally and figuratively. How many are packing up their plastic pumpkins, blow-up monstrosities, and 50-foot skeletons today with some sense of melancholy. Will Halloween ever be as spooky again? Hopefully not.

But if area kids didn’t have a spook-tackular Halloween weekend, it wasn’t from a lack of effort.

During my side-hustle during the last few days I got the opportunity to see some of the

elaborate and remarkable holiday displays residents created while driving around Anne Arundel County.

It became pretty clear that many parents and neighbors alike did their best to make it a fun

Halloween for the kids of the county. They were some of the grandest, most inspired, and just plain largest home Halloween displays I’ve ever seen—and my trick or treating resume goes back to the 1970s.

I assembled photos of some displays I came across in the Pasadena, Glen

Burnie and Severn areas below.

Holiday displays to me have always been synonymous with Christmas, but there have always

been those who held Halloween as their favorite. This year though, with society feeling

restricted by coronavirus, many folks went all-out to make the spookiest day of the year

something extra special. And it was.

This Halloween was subdued yet sublime. Many kids weren’t out in force. Many stayed home.

The camaraderie of the holiday couldn’t prevail in many cases, because staying kind meant

keeping a respectful distance.

But where Mother Nature has pushed down on us with us with an oppressive contagion, citizens have fought back by blowing up an extravaganza of human creativity this Halloween.

America will not be denied its fun! Clobber us with a constrictive disease, and we’ll counter-punch with a kaleidoscope of creepy crawlies. In December our reindeer will be socially distanced, and wearing masks, but dang it--they will make an appearance.!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Now, it's a new week. The last of the candy is being gobbled with no ramifications, except maybe at the dentist's office in a few weeks. I think everyone should take a break. After all, the start of November is generally a dull month in Maryland, right?

Oh yeah, there’s an election coming up in a day or two, which, very well might not be decided for a week or two.

But my guess is, America’s true future is not likely to be decided by two men whose service to this country (good or bad) is quite possibly more behind them, than in front of us.

The future lies with the trick-or-treaters (and with their dentists). Their resilience and the resilience of their families and neighbors is what has take Anne Arundel and the rest of America through this storm, and God-willing, on to a better day. The sooner the better.

When you’ve gotten over your Halloween hangover, it’ll soon be time to prepare the air pump

again. Inflatable Frosty? Reindeer?

Heck no! I can’t wait that long. There’s a three-story tall turkey I’ve been eyeing on Amazon...Black Friday, meet Gobbles the Gargantuan.

My only problem, come Christmas, will Gobbles fit in the attic next to the 50-foot skeleton?

And where will the two-ton nativity damage my lawn?