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It’s Taco Monday!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


It was all dog smiles and ear scratches when Taco came out to play at the Senior Dog Sanctuary Monday August 24.

For our meet up came out to one of the shelter’s outdoor fenced areas to be introduced. He was friendly and inquisitive even at the age of 11. Taco is in good health and hopefully has several good years ahead of him. He was found as a stray and never reclaimed at a sister shelter.

He is looking for a happy new home of loving owners who he can share his senior years with. Taco would do best with an owner or family who loves to play, enjoys taking long walks, and preferably has a house, or town home where he may have a bit more room.

At 72 pounds, he is very huggable and pettable. Taco enjoyed some scratching behind the ears on our visit. He is neutered, house broken, walks well on a leash, and sits on command.

Taco does have a now-healed injury to the side of his head. He came to the shelter with it and staff don’t know if it was due to a past trauma or is a congenital legacy. Either way, it doesn’t take away from the appeal of this affectionate pooch, and might even add to his charm.

Meeting Taco was a real bright spot on a Monday. Hopefully his pleasant personality will turn someone’s Taco Tuesday into Taco everyday! To meet Taco yourself give the sanctuary a call at 443-742-0270.

The Senior Dog Sanctuary in Severn was the life-long dream of a military veteran which became a dream come true a few years ago. It has a staff of 8 and over 200 volunteers. Last year the sanctuary found homes for 169 dogs, and this year that number has already doubled. This shelter has a capacity for 23 dogs, and is currently looking for more volunteers. It also sponsors both a foster program and a hospice program for dogs.