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Meade PAO apologizes for false active-shooter communications mix-up today

EVENT: Fort George G. Meade’s, Capital Shield Annual Full Scale Exercise

WHEN: TODAY, September 23, 2021

WHERE: Fort George G. Meade Garrison

Fort Meade was participating in the annual Capital Shield Exercise today when it was reported by multiple media outlets that there was an actual active-shooter incident on the installation.

Fortunately, there was not an active shooter incident.

“Fort Meade routinely practices how it would report incidents to media during its exercises.

Today’s incident was an unfortunate miscommunication between the installation and a few

media outlets believed to be notional.

I apologize for the confusion,” said Fort Meade’s Public Affairs Officer Chad Jones.

Fort Meade did send out media advisories to local outlets ahead of the event; however, based on how the information was released to media outlets today, the Garrison Public Affairs Office will use this unfortunate incident to ensure it is better prepared in case a real-world incident does arise.

--from release