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Giving thanks amidst change

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Virus or not, citizens recognize they have much to be grateful for

The current virus emergency has thrown the lives of many of us upside down. But even in the unknown , there may be things we can take time to be thankful for.--things we can cherish that haven’t changed or have changed for the better.

In that spirit, Arundel Journal asked sources three things they were thankful for. Here are some of their answers. What are yours?

Bruno Veiga, Owner Casa Della Nonna Restaurant in Severn

1) “Being healthy—that’s one for sure.”

2):I’m thankful for the people that have been supporting my business.”

3)”I’m thankful for God—for helping us on the journey.”

Karen Hood, director of communications for the Maryland Department of Commerce

1) “I'm so very grateful that I live in a country with amazing healthcare resources, because I think we're really going to need them right now.”

2)”I'm very grateful to my colleagues, who have all stepped up to the plate to really, you know, (to) be responsive, and I mean, everybody is really working some crazy hours these days. And I know It's been challenging, especially, you know, when you have a family and everything and try to manage that, as well as managing your work. And I just feel I'm really grateful for everybody on our team that has stepped up and done amazing things this past week or so.”

3)”Obviously, I'm very grateful to my family. They know I have crazy hours and unfortunately, I've (not) been able to do as much as I would like to do at home. But I'm very grateful that I have a strong family and strong friends and when they don't hear from me yesterday texted me and it's been days and I finally get back to them, they're like, ‘Oh, you are alive.’ I'm grateful. we're addressing this unprecedented situation very strongly in the state. I feel like that's kind of needed and I hope it will help us come out of this much more quickly.”

Katie Swarthout, Co-director Anne Arundel Free Forest School

1) “I am thankful for our big yard.”

2) “I'm thankful that we have government and people and places that are making wise decisions.”

3) “I'm thankful that we have the technology that we have that we can communicate with other people while we’re social distancing”

Chris Eberly, Anne Arundel Bird Club President

1) “I'm thankful for the fact that this country is taking it seriously, so that we can minimize the spread. And, you know, hopefully make the impact that much less.”

2) “I'm thankful for all my family, who so far are all healthy and hunkered down and all that.”

3) “And, you know, I have to say, I'm thankful that birds are out there and (that) they're not impacted by this. They're still doing what they do, so we can get out and, you know, have something to help inspire us and take our minds off everything else that's going on. (That) you know, and actually helps us reconnect with not just nature, but with ourselves, and, hopefully, take note of those things that we're thankful for.”

Even in crisis, many Marylanders have take action to help others, even if its just staying home