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Possible sighting of gun on campus caused Old Mill schools to go on lockdown

Police are currently investigating a report of a sighting of a gun being carried by a student in Millersville. "Out an abundance of caution" Old Mill High School, Old Mill Middle School and Old Mill Middle School North were placed on lockdown. Students have now been dismissed from their school day at the regular time, but AACPD previously reported buses may be delayed in their routes because of the lockdown.

. "Safety is the first priority" said Anne Arundel County Public Schools spokeswoman Maneka Monk.

School students and staff in a lockdown are confined to class with no movement.

The school district is sensitive to any possible threat reported and must do their best to completely vet such reports when they happen, Monk said.

"Our emergency protocols are in protocols are in place for a reason," she said. "We take any report seriously and try to investigate thoroughly.

A challenge to finding out the truth of an incident can be caused by social media when rumors are reported, Monk noted.

The school district procedure is to keep parents and caregivers informed of the situation when a lockdown occurs. The district's Facebook and Twitter accounts are used to provide updated information and emails and texts also go out.

"That's usually followed up," Monk said. "As soon as we can we'll send out a letter (with further information."

Monk said there had been one previous lockdown so far this year at Broadneck High School, after an incident was reported nearby in the community.