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Signs of the Season: Local Anne Arundel businesses gear up for Fall

Bill Dyon is readying for Fall in Severna Park at his shop

Fall officially begins on Wednesday, September 22, but businesses around the county are already gearing up to provide seasonal selections. From fall mums and pumpkins, to flower arrangements, or even corn feed for deer season, managers and owners of local establishments are ready.

They are enhancing their inventories to celebrate the season and help customers make the most of the our interlude between summer and winter.

But it’s not all dollars and cents either. Some of those who run things are looking forward to the fun side of fall as much as their customers.

“Fall is a very popular time,” said Bill Dyon, manager of Severna Flowers and Gifts in Severna Park. “As the designers it’s nice to have a change. Like anybody else we enjoy the change in color. Probably the things we like working with the most are all the different types of fall mums that are available.”

In addition to fall mums, lilies, berries and all kinds of dry products are popular in autumn flower arrangements, Dyon said. But the florist caters to the customer's own ideas and taste.

“Most everything we make is custom,” he said.

Down Ritchie Highway a few miles Severn River Trading has an ample supply of fall necessities and even some rather exotic-looking gourds. The roadside business has been around for around 25 years, but this year, according to one employee, the higher temperatures of our area have required giving extra care to their large number of potted mums for sale.

Staff must have been doing a good job, because the selection of pumpkins, mums and gourds looked to be in excellent shape at the outlet. They are even getting another shipment Tuesday to boost their stock.

Warmer weather is not entirely a detriment to those who are catering to outdoor lovers. While, at this point, temperatures are only forecast to come down to the mid-70s within the next ten days, it is cool enough to do some planting and maintenance in the yard.

Joe Wiggins, manager of Evergreen Gene’s Landscaping and Garden Center in Glen Burnie said business has been good.

“It’s honestly the best time of year to plant,” he said. “The reason I say that is because the ground is a little bit more moist. The days are a little bit shorter, and the ground is a little bit

cooler, so it’s easier for these root systems to get established.

Joe Wiggins, at Evergreen Gene's in Glen Burnie

Residents seem to be aware of that, as inventory is moving quickly—some items more than others.

“Everyone’s super-excited about fall,” he added. “You have the shrubs going out like crazy, the trees of course. With the winter pansies you have color in the front yard all through the fall (and) winter months. Another item that flies off the shelf is grass seed. Fall is a popular time for seeding the yard.” Over in Gambrills, Chuck Kinsey, owner of Gambrills General Store, said certain feed his store sells picks up in the Fall too.


“Deer season picks up,” he explained. “We get more deer corn (sales), for hunters feeding the deer.” he also said their stock of hay for resale goes up as hayfield suppliers harvest the tall grass.

Across the street from the general store is the Maryland Corn Maze. It may be just the attraction for fun-loving lovers of autumn who prefer to pass on working in the yard, but still want to enjoy the season outside.

The eight acre maze off of Gambrills Road is grown and designed each year. It attracts some heavy traffic to Annapolis Road on the weekends it is open, Kinsey said.

Other activities, including a play area and multiple concession, are available at the maze.

As our warm temperatures cool down (eventually), and crisp air and autumn leaves arrive, consider checking out some of Anne Arundel County’s local purveyors of everything Autumn. It might put a little cheer in your day to enjoy the unique items our neighbors are offering this harvest season,