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Singing through the storm: inspiration from nature

These birds came to the same tree on my lawn on consecutive days, through rain and shine. They are either the same bird reappearing in the same tree, day after day calling, or two different birds of the same species-- Northern Mockingbird. Perhaps we can learn a few things from this hard plucky performer:

  • Peristence can pay off ( whether its a bird calling for a mate, or society social distancing, goals can be reached.)

  • Keep singing your own song, through both the storms and sunshine of life. Be determined and optimistic. Follow your own trail. (Storms may beat you down, but your own resilience may surprise you!)

  • Keep your eyes and ears open, inspiration can come from unexpected places. (They may even be delivered to your front lawn!)

  • Be patient. If you see a good place in life that's already occupied, wait for an opportunity. When the opportunity appears--jump on the branch that's offered and start belting out your tune! The sky is the limit. (Everyone has unique gifts, True talent plus hard work is usually rewarded.)