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Spend some of your Mother's Day in Mariupol, compliments of the Arundel Journal

Hello! Happy Mother's Day. As it perhaps has been for many, these past months have been a rollercoaster of challenges and setbacks, for the Arundel Journal--two steps forward followed by three steps back, followed up by another lurch forward.

Solo projects are not easy.

Small budgets, and a list of growing responsibilities in a personal life faced with limited resources, and a need to learn as I go, has made the learning curve steep. I move onward, as it is the only way forward.

I have written a short story celebrating the tenacity, strength and love of mothers everywhere embedded in a fictional mom forced to survive far away in the middle of a war we now all know on the news. Ukraine is far away from Maryland--5,000 miles--but I hope it's cause of liberty and humanity might speak to your heart in Mary's story here:

"The most precious thing"

Happy Mother's Day!

--Editor, Matthew Liptak, May 8, 2022