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Stomping through the storm: TS Isaias to make quick exit from AAC

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management confirmed Tropical Storm Isaias’ impact on Anne Arundel County has almost been a best case scenario for residents, compared to the damage that some storm can cause.

"Had it been moving at the normal five miles an hour so, and crawled through the county, we would have been just absolutely inundated with water, “ said James Krempel, the office’s community outreach coordinator. “And then of course that causes more spawning of tornadoes and other things, plus the wind damage. So we consider ourselves very lucky. I think the whole state does.”

Instead the storm has been whipping through the area at 35 miles per hour and may be fully clear of the area by 4 p.m. Krempel said he did not know of fatalities from the storm, and no injuries except for one traffic accident.

There has been some flash flooding, and downed trees and power line he said.

“There's some trees down and number of places that have taken some power down,“ he said “The last time I saw the power there were about 2,600 people out. There maybe or now.”

Other areas of the county saw a steady heavy downpour with little wind and temperatures in the high 60s. In one hilly neighborhood, in Severn, a woman and three children came out for a walk dressed in rain gear with their dogs. They stomped around in the small puddles briefly to have some fun. Both the dogs and the kids seemed to be enjoying the respite.

The emergency operations center has been activated now for several months due tot he COVID-19 emergency. He said because of that the center is now very well prepared for any emergency.

“Since it hasn't turned out to be tragic (TS Isaias) , it's been a very good test for us,” Krempel said. “It's gotten all of our interagency partners and our nonprofits ready for a response to anything that would be more serious coming up. and of course, this is a higher than normal predicted year (for hurricanes) , so we have to be prepared here.”