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University of Maryland analysis shows Americans from both parties like Dem budget reconciliation

In a comprehensive analysis of polls on major proposals in the proposed reconciliation budget—related to health care, the environment, education, safety net programs and more—all 28 receive majority support, in most cases large majorities.

For all proposals, this includes majorities of Democrats and independents. Among Republicans, majorities support 14 of the proposals and pluralities support another two, while for only five of the proposals is a majority opposed.

On three proposals, Republican views are roughly divided. For one, a plurality is opposed, and for three, views vary according to how the proposal is presented.

The analysis was conducted by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) of the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland.

Sixteen proposals were tested using PPC's in-depth survey method in which respondents are briefed on the proposal and evaluate arguments for and against before coming to their conclusions.

The content is reviewed in advance by experts who are proponents and opponents of the proposals to ensure that the briefing is accurate and balanced and that the arguments are the strongest ones being made.

Standard polls included in the analysis were conducted by Morning Consult, Pew Research Center, the Kaiser Family Foundation, Ipsos, University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center, Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Marquette Law School, Yale University's Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication.

"Clearly there is far more common ground in the public than there is in Congress, " commented Steven Kull, director of PPC and the primary investigator for the analysis.

Among the proposals to receive bipartisan support, the largest number are in the issue areas of health care and the environment.

An analysis of different age groups was conducted when the data was available. Among Republicans aged 18-34, support for the budget reconciliation proposals was substantially higher than for Republicans in general.

A majority of Republicans aged 18-34 were in favor of six of the proposals that do not have majority Republican support. These include: paid family and medical leave, subsidizing childcare, free preschool programs, additional SNAP benefits for children during the summer, tax credits for used electric cars, and bolstering the IRS's tax enforcement.