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"Woof Woof" Wednesday: Meet a bonded pair beyond compare

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Nia and Lego are a dynamic duo now living at the Senior Dog Sanctuary in Severn and looking for a good new home. Lego is Nia's baby boy, and the two have become inseparable over the years.


Nia is the heavyweight of the family, coming in at 8.9 pounds. Lego is the featherweight at 6 pounds. The dogs are thought to be miniature pinscher-chihuahua mixes. They are spayed and neutered, housetrained, good with respectful kids, but not good in a family with other dogs.

"She's pretty bossy and doesn't want to share a house with anyone other than her son," said Kennel Supervisor Hallie Thomas.

They were surrendered together to Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control and are now being sheltered by the Senior Dog Sanctuary. Their owner told AAC AC&C they could no longer afford to keep them.

Mama Nia, 13, has been keeping her son Lego, 12, in good spirits for a while now. As a senior, Lego has lost his site, but remains quite active and confident, especially with the affectionate reassurance of Nia.

"Nia kind of acts as his mom and seeing eye dog," Thomas said "She's protective of him. .Nia is more of a protector and she is more outgoing. When she comes into the room she comes and greets you, whereas Lego will just stay in the bed. They like to lay under blankets in their kennel. They get cold pretty easy"


Both pooches do not exhibit excessive barking, and enjoy being held.. They are just looking for a new loving owner or owners who will care for them together as they move forward in their golden years.

They may have a lot of tail wagging and cuddling ahead of them. Thomas said she's seen their senior dogs reach 18 years of age.

"We've seen the smaller dogs tend to have a longer life span," she said. ""They'd probably be fine in an apartment, If she sees another dog she'll bark, but I've never heard him bark."


Could this happy pair become the next part of your household?

To schedule a visit call ​443-742-0270 or email the shelter.