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Young Anne Arundel artists need your help

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County's is asking you to support the county’s newest and most exciting artists—and the youngest. The Arts Angels Scholarships must be funded through donations this year, rather than the annual Gala, because of the pandemic.

It is hoped at least $10,000 will be raised to help underprivileged child artists in the area to develop their talents and attend programs in visual art, drama, music, dance and filmmaking at locations throughout Anne Arundel County.

“Scholarship awards go directly to the arts organization to cover a specific student in need,” said April Nyman, Executive Director of the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County in an email “This allows a student to continue cultivating and exploring their art skills.

“A scholarship opportunity allows the arts to be open to all students no matter their ability to pay."

The annual fundraiser began three years ago when several local arts organizations told the council that it had many young students who exhibited the talent and passion to take classes, but could not afford to register.

The current fundraiser is operating as a Facebook Fundraiser. The council is also encouraging residents to start their own personal Facebook Fundraiser for the scholarships if they are able.

In a statement the council said:

“Your support means so much to us, especially during these challenging times. Due to the pandemic, our annual Gala was canceled, which impacted our ability to give out these scholarships. From now until Dec 31st we have a new goal to fund the Arts Angels Scholarships. It will take $10,000.”

Many of these local art students who are eligible will apply directly through one of the Arts Council’s forty Grantee Organizations, which will administer these programs internally.

Every $250 raised ensures that a student in Anne Arundel County has access to art programming, the council stated.

Nyman’s favorite part of the fundraiser is hearing stories from organizations of how it has impacted a student.

“The arts open a new world for so many students, and without the scholarship, they may never have the opportunity,” she said.