AAC United Black Clergy calls for racial justice reforms

UNITED BLACK CLERGY OF ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, INC. Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and Racism Be it known, that the United Black Clergy of Anne Arundel County, comprised of nearly 50 clergy members from every corner of our County, is totally disheartened by the recent heinous and diabolic crime against humanity, the senseless murder of an innocent man, Mr. George Floyd. This deplorable act speaks loudly to the fact Black lives in our society are discounted and dehumanized. There has been countless of incidents where police officers have either brutalized or taken the life of an innocent Black person. We make this statement to say, “WE ARE SILENT NO MORE!” We stand together with the family of George Floyd and the millions of protestors around the world. We are committed to dethrone systemic racism by every means necessary. Thus, we pledge to openly repudiate and denounce all evil workings of our government and society as we are called by our God to uphold all that is just, holy and good. As the prophet Amos declared, “Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream” (Amos 5:24). With this, we declare that we protest with every protestor in this nation for justice and equality. In addition to the racial violence against our Black community, there is also a pandemic that has threatened and killed Black lives at an alarming disproportionate rate. COVID-19 has brought to surface all of the disparities the Black community faces, especially with health and finances. We are calling for a commitment to action and for our County to make a valiant commitment to invest in the Black community, so that making Anne Arundel County the “Best Place for All” will not merely be a slogan, but a reality. Therefore, for the safety of the Black community, we call for the immediate action of our County Executive and Chief of Police to put the following measures in place: For police transparency and accountability Body Cameras for AACO Police Department, the implementation of a Civilian Review Board with subpoena power and Cultural Sensitivity and Inherent Bias training quarterly as a requirement for continuation on the police force. In addition, we call for the elimination of the “choke-hold” from the AACO Police Department and banning of the “No-knock Warrant.” Furthermore, we call for immediate action from our County Executive to prioritize in the AACO Budget FY2022 adequate funding specifically allocated for assisting of Black-owned business, the reestablishing of the Minority Business Enterprise and an Office of BusinessEquity. Moreover, we call for immediate action of our County Executive and Superintendent of Schools to allocate adequate funding and resources in FY2022 County Budget for education wherein Black students are concerned and to include in our County Public Schools specific Black curriculums for learning accurate and comprehensive historic educational truth pertaining to African American history and culture.