As numbers rise, you can always go outside in the fresh air

How Families Can Connect with the Great Outdoors People spend more time than ever indoors, and this phenomenon extends to both children and adults alike. While everyone has to go to work and school, setting aside time to romp around outdoors is crucial to avoid nature-deficit disorder. If you’ve noticed your family tends to spend too much time inside, there are plenty of ways to get everyone outdoors to connect with nature and get a regular dose of sunshine. Stay Close to Home You don’t have to venture far from home to enjoy the outdoor: A Parent's Guide to Building a Safe and Fun Backyard Playground How to Identify a Tree How to Safely Observe Wildlife from Your Home Teaching My Child How to Garden – Getting Started Go on an Adventure Backyard time is great but try to fully immerse your children in nature: 5 Reasons to Hike with Your Kids 4 Tips When Mountain Biking with Your Child Ideas for How You Can Enjoy Wetlands Easy Ways to Get Kids Birding Keep Your Kids Safe While enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll need to take some precautions: Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids How to Keep Your Family Hydrated When You Spend Time Outdoors How to Tick-Proof a Kid Protecting Your Child from Sun Damage There are so many great ways for families and kids to get outdoors. You can use these ideas as a starting point, and then see what else strikes everyone’s fancy. You may find that with a little nudging, your family can become outdoor enthusiasts together. --contributed by Jenny Miller,