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It's a hand up, and a hand out...In order to keep Arundel Journal running and reporting it needs some help.


Its publisher, and contracted staff are committed to community journalism. Almost everything requires a buck in a capitalist society and that includes many forms of journalism these days. The Journal wants to stay free to readers, but to do that it needs community support. The business model for the Journal continues to evolve, as it does for much of the 21st Century press.


If you value independent news please consider contributing if you can. The Journal will continue to work to give you quality reporting from the heart of  reporters, who cover the heart of our communities in Anne Arundel. is NOT currently a nonprofit organization. Your contribution will not be eligible for a tax credit or deduction.


However you will be supporting local news coverage for yourself and your county. Even a donation of just one or two dollars will make a difference. A $1 contribution each month would come out to about a nickle per story.

Thanks for reading and thinking this pitch through. The Journal will continue to report the news as long as it is able. Thank you for the privilege to do so. With help from readers, the work will continue.-- Matthew Liptak. Publisher

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